lidiya_nic (lidiya_nic) wrote,

С зарубежных сайтов. Фиона Барнетт. Австралия

Фиона Барнетт пишет

"More Australians have died from domestic violence during this lockdown rather than Covid19, thanks to a lethal combination of families locked inside together for months, homeschooling sugar-filled ADHD kids, and alcohol (coz that’s so essential). And once the food supply chain is destroyed (cheers to weather manipulated floods, drought, intentionally lit bushfires, shutdown of meat production, and banning of seed sales, etc), neighbours will turn on each other to source food for their starving families."

Мого австалийцев умерло в мифическом lockdown из-за а домашнего насилия. Она пишет про ПУСТЫЕ БОЛЬНИЦЫ, разрушение сельского хозяйства, а так же про то что магазины с алкоголем по прежнему работают.

"Perhaps that explains the piles of burning bodies, welded burning apartment blocks, people being shot in the streets, food supplies being dumped, and ‘sick’ folk having their necks snapped while being dragged from their homes? In any case, the Illuminati Li family are surely doing the Royal Rothschilds’ bidding."

В Китае все подделка.


Дэвид Голдберг, который разоблачал был убит.

"aren’t tracked. Goldberg, before he was murdered, says Israel plans to murder 15 million Americans using disease, accidents and eventually, as America becomes more “Trumpish,” simply outright murder."

Голдберг сказал что Израиль планирует убить 15 миллионов американцев.

"That solution will be the very thing I wrote about in my book: the ultimate vaccination injected INTO our right hand or INTO our forehead, that changes our DNA, switches off the death gene, and turns God’s creation into something non-human…something Beast-like."

Фиона пишет о том что будут принудительно вакцинировать и чипировать с отравой.

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